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Sunday, July 05, 2009
  Recent stuff about Owen
Fourth of July - Owen wouldn't wear the American flag t-shirt and plaid red white and blue shorts. He insisted on wearing his star wars shirt and orange pants.
- Owen liked the fireworks, but got kind of bored after about 10 minutes of them. He said he wanted to "pop them." He wanted to get a big ladder to climb up so he could pop them. (whatever that means).
- We also watched some of the ones on TV from Washington D.C. He called the Washington Monument a castle and said that the castle was popping the fireworks.
- Owen curled up in my lap during the fourth of July parade. He said it was too loud. When the ABSURDLY loud Legion train came by, his whole body shuddered and he buried his face in my chest. He did like looking at the horses at the end of the parade and afterwards, he said that he liked it.

School - I'm trying to decide about school. He went to one a few times. He says that they don't have books and that he is trapped in a cage in the playground and he cries and misses mama when he's at school. I know that if I leave him consistently for a long enough amount of time that he'll get used to it, but I don't know what to do. It is going to be very hard for both of us for a very long time.

Potty training - I'm clueless and Owen is completely stubborn and refuses to use the potty. I don't know what I'm going to do. I think he'll be wearing pull-ups to prom.

Phase - Owen is going through this negative, possessive stage that is very annoying. It doesn't help with potty training and it seems to have been amplified by the whole school experiment. It is driving me crazy.

Fear of water - while most kids can be entertained for hours with a swimming pool, Owen seems to be afraid of the water. He doesn't like the idea of going swimming, but if he hangs out by the pool long enough, we can usually convince him to get in and cool off. He then seems to really enjoy it, but he doesn't ever want to stay in for very long. If anyone splashes him or shoots him with a water gun or if he swallows any water, that is usually the end of his swimming for the day. Oh, and he refuses to put on a bathing suit - he screams and cries and tries to take it off when I put one on him. This fear of water seems to have carried over to bath time. He hates the bath and screams and fights every time I wash his hair.

Ghosts - He likes to pretend he's a ghost and make us scream. Then he'll say, "now you be a ghost and I say, 'AAAAAAAAAAAH!'"

Another thing - Lately he picks things or characters for people and himself to "be." One example was when he said, "ma, you R2D2, I the death star." He constantly does this with characters in books, on TV, etc.



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